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Table 3 Brief characteristics of the three acupuncture studies for CP/CPPS.

From: A pilot study on acupuncture for lower urinary tract symptoms related to chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain

Author Sample size CP/CPPS Acupuncture points Duration Significance
Chen et al. 2003 n = 12 IIIA/B Set 1: BL10,23,28,40, KI 10 K1, BL67-Bilateral
Set 2: CV3, 4, M-CA-17, SP 6 + 5 hz e-stim
Set 3: B:23, BL54, BL35
Three sets of points given alternately twice/week over 6 weeks. 20 minute treatment* yes CPSI
Honjo et al. 2004 n = 10 IIIB BL 33-Bilateral Single point applied bilaterally over 4 weeks. 10 minute treatment* yes CPSI and IPSS
Capodice et al. 2007 n = 10 IIIA/B GB 41, LR 3, LI 4, SJ 5, SP 8, SP 6-Bilateral Shen men, kidney, liver, lung, spleen and one auricle Twice/week full body and auricular acupuncture over 6 weeks. 20–25 minute treatment (needles in situ)+ yes CPSI
  1. CPSI: National institutes of health – chronic prostatitis symptom index
  2. IPSS: International Prostate Symptom Scores
  3. * no detail on needling procedure
  4. + detail on needling procedure includes attainment of de qi and needle technique