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Table 2 Pharmacological properties of various extracts of A. paniculat a

From: Isolation and identification of bioactive compounds in Andrographis paniculata (Chuanxinlian)

Chemicals Pharmacological properties References
methanol extract restore plasma lipid peroxidation, ALT, AST activities in CCl4-treated rats (orally 1 g/kg BW, 14d) [94]
ethanol extract   serum anti-Salmonella typhinurium IgG levels
  IFN-γ in Con A-stimulated splenocytes of mice (orally, 25 or 50 mg/kg BW, 14d)
  antibody and the delayed-type hypersensitivity response (orally 25 mg/kg, 7d) [74]
  G0/G1 phase
  mitochondrial CYP and expression of Bax in human leukemic HL-60 cells
  expression of EBV lytic proteins during the viral lytic cycle in P3HR1 cells [82]
  fasting serum glucose in diabetic rats (orally 0.1, 0.2, and 0.4 g/BW, 14d)
  liver and kidney TBARS levels
  liver GSH concentrations (orally 400 mg/kg BW, 14d)
95% ethanol extract   RANTES secretion by human bronchial epithelial cells infected with influenza A virus H1N1 [86]
80% ethanol extract   hepatic GPX, GR, CAT, SOD;   lipid peroxidation (orally 50, 100 mg/kg BW, 14d) [121]
70% ethanol extract   CTL production through enhanced secretion of IL-2 and IFNγ by EL-4 T cells [43]
    serum NO, VEGF and TIMP-1, angiogenesis in melanoma cell implanted mice (i.p. 10 mg/d, 5d) [56]
95% ethanol or EtOAc extract   pi class of glutathione S-transferase expression in rat primary hepatocytes [99]
EtOAc extract   NF-κB trans-activation assayed by NF-κB-dependent luciferase activity
ex-vivo NO and PGE2 production by LPS/IFN-γ-stimulated peritoneal macrophages
  LPS-induced acute inflammation in mice (orally 0.78~3.12 mg/kg BW, 7d)
[5, 39]
aqueous extract   protect nicotine-induced toxicity in brain (i.p. 250 mg/kg BW, 7d)
  nicotine induced DNA fragmentation in lymphocytes, lipid peroxidation, protein oxidation
[93, 92]
  systolic blood pressure of SHR and WKY rats (i.p. 0.7, 1.4, 2.8 g/kg BW) [101]
  blood glucose in STZ-induced hyperglycaemic rats (50 mg/kg BW, 10d) [115]
  hepatic CAT, SOD and GST activities in lymphoma bearing mice (orally 10~30 mg/d) [123]
  1. d: day; BW: body weight