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Table 7 The most significant cell component group of functional annotation by DAVID and GOTM of the differentially expressed proteins of the hippocampus and cerebellum by 2D gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometric analysis with a matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight (MALDI-TOF)/TOF tandem mass spectrometer

From: Protective effects and potential mechanisms of Pien Tze Huang on cerebral chronic ischemia and hypertensive stroke

Method Brain region Term P value Benjamini * Proteins
DAVID Hippocampus Mitochondrion 0.0000185 0.01497 NP_036629, NP_112287 *, NP_071565 *, NP_001006973, NP_001006971, NP_001008888.
Cerebellum Mitochondrial inner membrane 0.0000317 0.02553 NP_075581, NP_001006971, NP_036702, NP_114039, NP_037309.
GOTM Hippocampus Mitochondrial membrane part 0.000000279 Nil NP_001006973, NP_071565 *, NP_001008888, NP_001006971.
Cerebellum Mitochondrial inner membrane 0.0016 Nil NP_036702, NP_075581, NP_001006971, NP_037309.
  1. * P value by Benjamini correction in DAVID analysis. Other multiple testing correction techniques, Bonferroni and FDR, as provided by DAVID gave the same p values