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Table 2 GP-TCM non-beneficiary members

From: Establishing an EU-China consortium on traditional Chinese medicine research

GP-TCM Non-beneficiary partners Country Contact
University of Western Sydney Australia Prof. Alan Bensoussan
University of Graz Austria Prof. Rudolf Bauer
University of Mons Belgium Prof. Jean-Marie Colet
Beijing East Linden Science and Technology Co. Ltd. China Prof. Yanhuai Liu
China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences China Prof. Aiping Lu
China-Japan Friendship Hospital China Prof. Ping Li
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics China Prof. Xinmiao Liang
Hong Kong Baptist University China Prof. Zhongzhen Zhao
Hong Kong Buddhist Hospital China Prof. Vivian Wong
Jinan University China Prof. Xinsheng Yao
Peking University China Prof. Wenhan Lin
PuraPharm China Mr. Abraham Chan
Shanghai Innovation Research Centre of Traditional Medicine China Prof. William Weiguo Jia
Shanghai Jiaotong University China Prof. Liping Zhao
Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences China Prof. De-an Guo
Tongji University China Prof. Gang Pei
Tasly Institute of Tasly Group Co., Ltd. China Ms. Karolina J. Svedlund
Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine China Prof. Boli Zhang
University of Macau China Prof. Yi-Tao Wang
The Chinese University of Hong Kong China Prof. Ge Lin
Pfizer Corporation Hong Kong Ltd China Mr. Stephen Leung
State Food and Drug Administration China Prof. Zhong-zhi Qian
National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine, Taiwan China Prof. Yi-Tsau Huang
University of Aarhus Denmark Prof. Brian Clark
University of Oulu Finland Prof. Olavi Pelkonen
Public Research Centre of Health Luxembourg Dr. Ning Wang
Charité University Medical Center Germany Prof. Claudia M. Witt
Johannes Gutenberg University Germany Dr. Huige Li
University of Regensburg Germany Prof. Gerhard Franz
Philipps - Universität Marburg Germany Prof. Shuming Li
Max Planck Institute for Biophysics Germany Prof. Wolfgang Schwarz
Dr Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG Germany Dr. Günter Meng
Caesar & Loretz GmbH Germany Dr. Mirko Bayer
University of Cagliari Italy Prof. Enzo Tramontano
University of Rome Tor Vergata Italy Prof. Giovanna M. Franconi
Institute of Neurobiology and Molecular Medicine, Italian National Research Council Italy Dr. Luigi Manni
SU BioMedicine The Netherlands Prof. Jan van der Greef
Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway Prof. Odd Georg Nilsen
Thailand Ministry of Public Health Thailand Dr. Prat Boonyawongviroj
School of Pharmacy UK Prof. Michael Heinrich
Brunel University UK Prof. Ian A. Sutherland
University of Reading UK Prof. Elizabeth Williamson
Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust UK Prof. Debbie Shaw
University of Nottingham UK Prof. Sue Watson
University of Warwick UK Prof. Kenneth Muir
University of Westminster UK Dr. Volker Scheid
University of Lincoln UK Dr. Huijun Shen
Thames Valley University UK Prof. Nicola Robinson
University of the West England UK Prof. Quan Min Zhu
Imperial College London UK Dr. Daqing Ma
Global Regulatory Services UK Mrs. Greer Deal
Link China Pharma Solutions UK Mr. Marshall Ma
University of Oxford UK Ms. Rebecca Richmond
University of East London UK Dr. Tianjun Wang
Pharsafer Associates Limited UK Dr. Graeme Ladds
Avicenna UK Mr. Mazin Al-Khafaji
University of Louisville USA Prof. Y. James Kang
Yale University USA Prof. Yung-Chi Cheng
U.S. Food and Drug Administration USA Dr. Shaw T. Chen
Vanderbilt University Medical Center USA Dr. Lijun Ma
Independent UK Dr. Shouming Zhong
Independent UK Dr. Daryl Rees