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Table 2 Rated variables before and after light needling treatment

From: Gastrointestinal symptoms of infantile colic and their change after light needling of acupuncture: a case series study of 913 infants

Variables Response options
1. Regurgitation Seldom, Sometimes, Often
2. Belching Seldom, Sometimes, Often
3. Drooling Seldom, Sometimes, Often
4. Being inflated in the stomach Seldom, Sometimes, Often
5. Frequency of defecation > 8 times/day, 5-8 times/day, 1-4 times/day, < 1 time/day
6. Faecal colour Green, Yellowish-green, Mustard yellow, Light yellow
7. Faecal consistency Water-thin like, Mucous like, Gruel like, Tooth paste like