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Figure 5

From: Peripheral muscarinic receptors mediate the anti-inflammatory effects of auricular acupuncture

Figure 5

Histograms showing the effects of local muscarinic receptor blockade on the anti-edematous effect of auricular acupuncture (AA). All three groups of animals (n = 8 per group) were continuously anesthetized, and received CA-induced inflammation and AA treatment. The first group received intraplantar injections of normal saline (vehicle control) at both paws; the second group was given intraplantar injection of methyl atropine (12.5 μg) ipsilateral to the inflamed side and vehicle injection on the contralateral side; and the third group received the same injection of methyl atropine at the contralateral side, to control for the possible systemic effect of atropine. * P < 0.05, n = 8 per group.

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