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Table 1 Herbal components of QJF and their reported active ingredients with immunomodulatory effects

From: Serum proteomic, peptidomic and metabolomic profiles in myasthenia gravis patients during treatment with Qiangji Jianli Fang

Herbs Active ingredients References
R. astragali Polysaccharides; flavonoids; saponins [2426]
R. codonopsis pilosulae Polysaccharide [27, 28]
A. macrocephala Glycoprotein [29, 30]
R. angelicae sinensis Sulfated polysaccharide [31]
C. rhizoma Cycloartane glycosides; cyclolanostane triterpene diglycosides [32, 33]
R. bupleuri Bupleurum polysaccharides; saikosaponin [34, 35]
Pericarpium citri reticulatae Synephrine [36]
R. glycyrrhizae Glycyrrhiza polysaccharide; liquiritigenin [37, 38]