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Table 2 Construction of non-target DNA panels from initial High-Fidelity PCR amplifications of vouchered DNA samples

From: PlantID – DNA-based identification of multiple medicinal plants in complex mixtures

Panel H. androsaemum H. kouytchense H. maculatum H. athoum H. calycinum H. ascyron H. perforatum
Non-and x
Non-ath x
Non-asc x
Non-perf x
  1. The initial PCR products were diluted by 1 × 10-5 (except H. athoum, 1 × 10-4) and equal volumes of each sample were added to the panel mixtures, as indicated by a tick. The panels are described by the name of the species that is not present, indicated by a cross. These panels were then used to test the species-specific primers for each target for cross-amplification, allowing six DNA samples to be tested simultaneously. The panel used to test the multiplex reaction contained all the available samples, and is named Multiplex.