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Figure 5

From: Room-temperature super-extraction system (RTSES) optimizes the anxiolytic- and antidepressant-like behavioural effects of traditional Xiao-Yao-San in mice

Figure 5

Improvement of 5-HT 1A receptor expression in the cerebrum. (A) After 4 weeks of treatment with fluoxetine, XYS and XYS/RTSES, the 5-HT1A receptor expression levels in C57BL/6 mice (N = 8) were detected by western blot analysis. (B) The β-actin levels were evaluated as a loading control, and the data are expressed as the 5-HT1A protein/β-actin ratios (B). Each value is expressed as the mean ± SD of 8 mice. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001, significant difference compared with control C57BL/6 J mice. #P < 0.05, ##P < 0.01, ###P < 0.001, significant difference compared with XYS alone.

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