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Table 1 Results of method validation for monacolin K (lovastatin) using 1H NMR

From: NMR evaluation of total statin content and HMG-CoA reductase inhibition in red yeast rice (Monascus spp.) food supplements

Parameter Result
Investigated linear working range 5 - 100 mg/L
Limit of detectiona 6 mg/L (0.33 mg/capsulec)
Limit of quantitationa 13 mg/L (0.72 mg/capsulec)
Intraday precisionb  
   Authentic sampled 10%
   Standard solution 7.3%
Interday precisionb  
   Authentic sampled 11%
   Standard solution 8.2%
Recovery 104% (at 50 mg/L)
113% (at 20 mg/L)
  1. a Limit of detection (LOD) and quantitation were determined by establishing a separate calibration curve near LOD. The limits were calculated from the residual standard deviation of the regression line [42]
  2. b Precisions were expressed as relative standard deviation (%), intraday (n = 5), interday (n = 10)
  3. c Based on a sample weight of 0.9 g (2 capsules) in 50 mL ethanol
  4. d Total statins in authentic samples