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Table 3 The role of Chinese herbs and its active ingredients to promote bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells differentiate into nerve cells

From: Chinese herbs and their active ingredients for activating xue (blood) promote the proliferation and differentiation of neural stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells

Chinese herbs and active ingraients Types of MSCs The role of proliferation The role of differentiation Mechanism
Salvia[6264] MSCs of mouse Nestin cells↑ β-tubulin cells↑  
MSCs of rat Nestin cells↑ NSE cells↑ Expression of Ngn-1 and Mash-1↑
MSCs of human Nestin cells↑ NF cells↑  
Astragalus[65] MSCs of rat   NSE cells↑ Expression of Ngn-1 and Mash-1↑
Ginsenoside Rg1[66, 67] MSCs of rat   NSE cells↑ Expression of NGFmRNA↑
P. notoginseng saponins + retinoic acid[3337] MSCs of rat   NSE cells↑ DA, GABA cells  
Musk polypeptide, Muscone[43] MSCs of rat   T NSE and NF cells↑  
Ginkgolide B[47, 60, 61] MSCs of rat   NSE cells ↑ (Has nothing to do with the concentration). The number of GFAP cells GFAP↑ (Positively correlated with the concentration).