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Table 3 Popular products within the six most popular categories

From: Popularity and customer preferences for over-the-counter Chinese medicines perceived by community pharmacists in Shanghai and Guangzhou: a questionnaire survey study

Categories Popular products
Cold medicine 999 Ganmaoling granule
Xiaochaihu granule
Vitamin C Yinqiao tablet
Antiviral oral-liquid
Lianhua Qingwen capsule
Respiratory system medicine Milian Chuanbei Pipa paste
999 Qiangli Pipa lu
Shedan Chuanbei liquid
Chuanbei Pipa paste
Juhong tanke liquid
Digestive system agent Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid (pill, capsule, liquid)
Jianwei Xiaoshi tablets
999 Weitai granules
Stomach-recovering capsule
Health pill
Gynaecological medicine Fuyankang tablets
Gynecologic Qianjin tablets
Wuji Baifen Wan
Huahong tablets
Kanggongyan tablets
Health tonic medicine Donkey-hide gelatin (syrup, piece, particle, liquid)
Liuwei Dihuang pill
Renal Aid
Buzhong Yiqi pill
Anshen Bunao syrup
Heat-clearing and detoxifying medicine Banlangen granules
Niuhuang Jiedu tablets
Zhongsheng pill
Sanhuang tablets
Pudilan Xiaoyan tablets