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Figure 1

From: Identifying roles of “Jun-Chen-Zuo-Shi” component herbs of QiShenYiQi formula in treating acute myocardial ischemia by network pharmacology

Figure 1

Study workflow. Three kinds of information were collected, including AMI-related genes, PPIs information and microarray data to construct the AMI-ODN. The genes in AMI-ODN network were further annotated with recovery regulation of drugs, to visually reveal the recover status of drug on the AMI-ODN. The efficacy of QSYQ and its component herbs were then measured by NRI-ODN, a network based index to evaluating overall recovery ability. On the other side, pathway enrichment analysis was applied on ERGs of QSYQ and its component herbs. As a result, we demonstrated the synergistic effect of QSYQ on treating AMI from molecule network and pathway level.

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