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Figure 3

From: Identifying roles of “Jun-Chen-Zuo-Shi” component herbs of QiShenYiQi formula in treating acute myocardial ischemia by network pharmacology

Figure 3

Recovery regulation of QSYQ and its components on AMI-ODN. (a) The AMI-ODN contained 281 nodes and 616 edges. Node was annotated with its expression fold changes between AMI and control group, red indicated up-regulation and green indicated down-regulation. (b) Recovery regulation of QSYQ on AMI-ODN. Nodes in AMI-ODN with recovery regulation were colored in blue, indicating that QSYQ could recover this gene node from disease to control state. Grey nodes represented a negative regulation level. (c) Recovery regulation of Astragalus, Salvia, Notoginseng and Dalbergia on AMI-ODN.

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