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Table 2 Ecological suitability of A. bidentata

From: Determination of production regions for pollution-free Chinese medicinal materials by geographic information system: Achyranthes bidentata (Niu Qi) in Tianjin as an example

Climate factors AT (°C) AAT (°C) MTJA (°C) TLTJ (°C) MTJ (°C) THTJ (°C) AARH (%) AASH (h) AAP (mm)
  1200.7 ~ 8254.0 12.4 ~ 28.0 -3.8 ~ 17.4 -9.3 14.9 ~ 29.2 34.1 60.4 ~ 85.0 1047 ~ 2190 521 ~ 1803
Soil types Crimson soil, red, yellow soil, yellow brown soil, and brown soil, brown, dark brown.
  1. Note: AT (accumulated temperature exceeding 10°C); AAT (annual average temperature); MTJA (mean temperature in January); TLTJ (the lowest temperature in January); MTJ (mean temperature in July); THTJ (the highest temperature in July); AARH (annual average relative humidity); AASH (annual average sunshine hours); AAP (average annual precipitation).