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Table 1 Inhibitory mechanisms of hepatic stellate cell activation via medicinal plants

From: Protective mechanisms of medicinal plants targeting hepatic stellate cell activation and extracellular matrix deposition in liver fibrosis

Medicinal plants Bioactive compounds/extracts Targeted fibrogenic pathways
C. longa[27]-[46] Curcumin TGF-β1a; CTGFb; PDGFc; TGF-αd; VEGFe; AGEf; leptin; LDLg; insulin; HIF-1αh; PGFi
S. marianum[47]-[54] Silymarin TGF-β1a; CTGFb
G. biloba[55]-[60] G. biloba extract, EGb761 TGF-β1a; CTGFb; PAFj; endothelin-1
S. miltiorrhiza[46],[49],[61]-[100] Water extract of S. miltiorrhiza; salvianolic acid A; salvianolic acid B; magnesium lithospermate B; tanshinone IIA; IH764-3 TGF-β1a; CTGFb; PDGFc; MCP-1k; endothelin-1; angiotensin II
G. glabra[101]-[104] Glycyrrhizin; 18α-glycyrrhizin; glycyrrhizic acid TGF-β1a
S. baicalensis[105]-[107] Baicalin TGF-β1a
B. falcatum[32],[108],[109] Saikosaponin-A; saikosaponin-D TGF-β1a
Phyllanthus species [110],[111] Ethanol extract of P. rheedii Wight; ethanol extract of P. niruri TGF-β1a
B. aristata[112]-[114] Berberine TGF-β1a
P. notoginseng[105],[115]-[118] Ginsenoside Rg1; ginsenoside Rb1; P. notoginseng saponins; 25-OCH3-PPD TGF-β1a; PDGFc
A. paniculata[119] Andrographolide TGF-β1a
Coffea species [120]-[130] Caffeine; 1,7-dimethylxanthine; theophylline; theobromine TGF-β1a; CTGFb; VEGFe; PDGFc
  1. aTransforming growth factor beta 1, bconnective tissue growth factor, cplatelet derived growth factor, dtransforming growth factor alpha, evascular endothelial growth factor, fadvance glycation end-product, glow-density lipoprotein, hhypoxia-inducible factor-1α, iplacental growth factor, jplatelet activate factor, kmonocyte chemotactic protein-1.