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Figure 5

From: Bufothionine induced the mitochondria-mediated apoptosis in H22 liver tumor and acute liver injury

Figure 5

Effects of drugs on weights. (A), spleen weight indices (B), tumor weight indices (C) and tumor inhibition rate (D) of H22 tumor bearing mice. All H22 tumor bearing mice were treated with different drugs: normal group (Nor), model group (Mor), bufothionine group (8.02 mL/kg) (BufoB), 5-Fu group (5-Fu), cinobufacini injection group (5.14 mL/kg) (InjB). After ten days, weight (A), spleen weight and tumor weight of different groups were recorded. Spleen weight indices (B) were expressed as the ratio of spleen weight to weight. Tumor weight indices (C) were expressed as the ratio of tumor weight difference (final tumor weight - initial tumor weight) to body weight. Tumor inhibition rate (D) was obtained with mean tumor indices of drug group divided by mean tumor indices of model group. Data were represented as mean ± SD (n = 10).

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