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Table 2 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: The efficacy of QingfengGanke granule in treating postinfectious cough in pathogenic wind invading lungs syndrome: a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Inclusion criteria
 Clinical diagnosis of PIC
 Pathogenic-wind invading lungs syndrome in TCM
 Baseline CSS of 2 or greater in the daytime and/or nighttime
 Cough lasting for at least 3 weeks but not more than 8 weeks
 Aged 18–65 years old
 Participant must voluntarily give written informed consent and report adverse events
Exclusion criteria
 Wheezing or rales on physical examination
 Bronchial provocation test positive
 Abnormal findings on plain chest radiograph
 Use of an angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitor within the past 2 months
 Presenting with heartburn or regurgitation
 Symptoms or signs of upper airway cough syndrome
 Current smoker or recent ex-smoker (giving up smoking for less than 3 months)
 Participant has severe primary disease of pulmonary, hepatic, renal, or hematological system, or other serious diseases affected the survival, such as cancer or AIDS
 ALT or AST >1.5 times of normal upper limit, abnormal serum creatine, abnormal serum Ig E, eosinophilia in the blood, white blood cell count <3× 109/L or >10 × 109/L/L, and/or neutrophil granulocyte >80%
 Pregnancy or lactating women, or women who have birth plan
 Allergic constitution or known to be allergic to any component in QFGKG
 Participants taking similar medicines in the last 1 month or having participated or participating in the other trials in last 3 months
  1. CSS cough symptom score, PIC postinfectious cough, QFGKG QingfengGanke granule, TCM traditional Chinese medicine.