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Table 1 Hippophae samples for testing potential barcodes

From: Identification of Hippophae species (Shaji) through DNA barcodes

Scientific name Haplotype Voucher no. Location GenBank no.
ITS2 psbA-trnH ITS2 psbA-trnH
H. rhamnoides subsp. sinensis A1 M1 YC0546MT01 Wanlin, Jinchuan, Sichuan, China KJ843997 KJ854997
A2 M2 YC0546MT02 Maierma, Aba, Sichuan, China KJ843998 KJ854998
A2 M1 YC0546MT03 Shili, Songpan, Sichuan,China KJ843999 KJ854999
A2 M1 YC0546MT04 Rongrida, Rangtang, Sichuan, China KJ844000 KJ855041
A1 M3 YC0546MT05 Nanmenxia, Huzhu, Qinghai, China KJ844001 KJ855000
A1 M3 YC0546MT06 Puxi, Lixian, Sichuan, China KJ844002 KJ855001
A1 M3 YC0546MT07 Puxi, Lixian, Sichuan, China KJ844003 KJ855002
A2 M4 YC0546MT08 Chaka, Wulan, Qianghai, China KJ844004 KJ855003
A2 M5 YC0546MT09 Gatuo, Mangkang, Tibet, China KJ844005 KJ855004
A2 M1 YC0546MT10 Aba, Aba, Sichuan, China KJ844006 KJ855005
A2 M1 YC0546MT11 Luoerda, Aba, Sichuan, China KJ844007 KJ855006
A2 M3 YC0546MT12 Kehe, Aba, Sichuan, China KJ844008 KJ855007
A2 M3 YC0546MT13 Nawu, Hezuo, Gansu, China KJ844009 KJ855008
A1 M6 YC0546MT14 Laya, Kangding, Sichuan, China KJ844010 KJ855009
A2 M1 YC0546MT15 Chuanzhusi, Songpan, Sichuan, China KJ844011 KJ855010
A1 M1 YC0546MT16 Rilong, Xiaojin, Sichuan, China KJ844012 KJ855011
A1 M1 YC0546MT17 Fubian, Xiaojin, Sichuan, China KJ844013 KJ855012
A1 M1 YC0546MT18 Dawei, Xiaojin, Sichuan, China KJ844014 KJ855013
A2 M7 YC0546MT19 Baihuashan, Beijing, China KM047400 KM047406
A2 M7 YC0546MT20 Baihuashan, Beijing, China KM047401 KM047407
A2 M7 YC0546MT21 Baihuashan, Beijing, China KM047402 KM047408
A2 M7 YC0333MT09 Beijing, China KM047403 KM047409
A2 M7 YC0333MT10 Beijing, China KM047404 KM047410
A2 M2 FDC112a National Institute for Food and Drug Control, China KM047405 KM047411
H. rhamnoides subsp. mongolica B1 N1 YC0547MT01 Buerjin, Altay, Xinjiang, China KJ843986 KJ855021
B1 N1 YC0547MT02 Buerjin, Altay, Xinjiang, China KJ843987 KJ855022
B1 N1 YC0547MT03 Buerjin, Altay, Xinjiang, China KJ843988 KJ855023
H. rhamnoides subsp. yunnanensis C1 O1 YC0548MT01 Gu, Bomi, Tibet, China KJ817423 KJ854989
C1 O1 YC0548MT02 Rewa, Milin, Tibet, China KJ817424 KJ854990
C1 O1 YC0548MT03 Rewa, Milin, Tibet, China KJ817425 KJ854991
C2 O1 YC0548MT04 Jiantang, Shangri-La, Yunnan, China KJ939408 KJ939410
C2 O1 YC0548MT05 Jiantang, Shangri-La, Yunnan, China KJ939409 KJ939411
H. rhamnoides subsp. turkestanica D1 P1 YC0549MT01 Aotebeixi, Wushi, Xinjiang, China KJ844038 KJ855017
D1 P1 YC0549MT02 Aotebeixi, Wushi, Xinjiang, China KJ844039 KJ855018
D1 P2 YC0549MT03 Tucheng, Zhada, Tibet, China KJ844040 KJ855019
D1 P2 YC0549MT04 Tucheng, Zhada, Tibet, China KJ844041 KJ855020
H. rhamnoides subsp. wolongensis E1 R1 YC0550MT01 Taiping, Maoxian, Sichuan, China KJ844024 KJ855038
E1 R1 YC0550MT02 Taiping, Maoxian, Sichuan, China KJ844025 KJ855039
E1 R1 YC0550MT03 Taiping, Maoxian, Sichuan, China KJ844026 KJ855040
H. rhamnoides subsp. caucasia DLA1 GenBank JQ663574
DLA1 GenBank JQ663578
DLA1 GenBank JQ663579
DLA1 GenBank JQ663580
H. rhamnoides subsp. rhamnoide DLB1 GenBank AF440242
DLB2 GenBank JQ663575
H. rhamnoides subsp. carpatica DLC1 GenBank AF440245
DLC2 GenBank JQ663576
DLC2 GenBank JQ663577
H. rhamnoides subsp. fluviatilis DLD1 GenBank AF440248
DLD2 GenBank JQ289287
H. goniocarpa F1 S1 YC0551MT01 Galitai, Songpan, Sichuan, China KJ844018 KJ855027
F1 S1 YC0551MT02 Galitai, Songpan, Sichuan, China KJ844019 KJ855028
F1 S1 YC0551MT03 Galitai, Songpan, Sichuan, China KJ844020 KJ855029
H. litangensis G1 T1 YC0552MT01 Jiawa, Litang, Sichuan, China KJ844015 KJ854986
G1 T1 YC0552MT02 Jiawa, Litang, Sichuan, China KJ844016 KJ854987
G1 T1 YC0552MT03 Jiawa, Litang, Sichuan, China KJ844017 KJ854988
H. neurocarpa subsp. neurocarpa H1 U1 YC0553MT01 Babao, Qilian, Qinghai, China KJ844042 KJ854992
H2 U2 YC0553MT02 Jiawa, Litang, Sichuan, China KJ844043 KJ854993
H2 U2 YC0553MT03 Jiawa, Litang, Sichuan, China KJ844044 KJ854994
H2 U1 YC0553MT04 Chali, Aba, Sichuan, China KJ844045 KJ854995
H1 U1 YC0553MT05 Maierma, Aba, Sichuan, China KJ844046 KJ854996
H. neurocarpa subsp. stellatopilosa I1 V1 YC0554MT01 Gaocheng, Litang, Sichuan, China KJ844027 KJ855024
I1 V1 YC0554MT02 Gaocheng, Litang, Sichuan, China KJ844028 KJ855025
I1 V1 YC0554MT03 Gaocheng, Litang, Sichuan, China KJ844029 KJ855026
H. salicifolia J1 W1 YC0653MT01 Lebu, Nacuo, Tibet, China KJ844021 KJ855014
J1 W1 YC0653MT02 Lebu, Nacuo, Tibet, China KJ844022 KJ855015
J1 W1 YC0653MT03 Lebu, Nacuo, Tibet, China KJ844023 KJ855016
H. gyantsensis K1 X1 YC0654MT01 Qiangna, Milin, Tibet, China KJ843989 KJ855030
K1 X1 YC0654MT02 Jieba, Naidong, Tibet, China KJ843990 KJ855031
K1 X1 YC0654MT03 Ridang, Longzi, Tibet, China KJ843991 KJ855032
K1 X1 YC0654MT04 Gangdui, Gongga, Tibet, China KJ843992 KJ855033
K2 X1 YC0654MT05 Pozhang, Naidong, Tibet, China KJ843993 KJ855034
K1 X2 YC0654MT06 Jiaxing, Gongbujiangda, Tibet, China KJ843994 KJ855035
K1 X1 YC0654MT07 Mozhugongka, Mozhugongka, Tibet, China KJ843995 KJ855036
K2 X1 YC0654MT08 Jiubu, Linzhi, Tibet, China KJ843996 KJ855037
H. tibetana L1 Y1 YC0655MT01 Langkazi, Langkazi, Tibet, China KJ844030 KJ854976
L2 Y1 YC0655MT02 Duoma, Ruoergai, Sichuan, China KJ844031 KJ854977
L1 Y1 YC0655MT03 Tangke, Ruoergai, Sichuan, China KJ844032 KJ854978
L2 Y1 YC0655MT04 Riduo, Mozhugongka, Tibet, China KJ844033 KJ854979
L1 Y1 YC0655MT05 Jiangrong, Hongyuan, Sichuan, China KJ844034 KJ854980
L1 Y2 YC0655MT06 Maiwa, Hongyuan, Sichuan, China KJ844035 KJ854981
L1 Y1 YC0655MT07 Nanmenxia, Huzhu, Qinghai, China KJ844036 KJ854982
L1 Y1 YC0655MT08 Tawa, Ruoergai, Sichuan, China KJ844037 KJ854983
L1 Y3 YC0655MT09 Chali, Aba, Sichuan, China KJ855042 KJ854984
L1 Y2 YC0655MT10 Maiwa, Hongyuan, Sichuan, China KJ855043 KJ854985
L1 Y1 YC0655MT11 Keledong, Dege, Sichuan, China KJ855044 KJ854975
E. angustifolia DLE1 GenBank AF440256
E. pungens DLDF1 GenBank GQ435025
  1. –: not acquired in this study
  2. aFDC112: a reference crude drug that was purchased from National Institute for Food and Drug Control