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Table 1 Uncaria information used in this study

From: Molecular identification of Uncaria (Gouteng) through DNA barcoding

Voucher no Species Habitat site (county, province, country) GenBank accession no.
ITS2 rbcL psbAtrnH ITS matK
PS1001MT01 U. rhynchophylla_01 Rongshui, Guangxi, China KM057008 KM057019 KM057031 KM057043 KM057054
PS1001MT02 U. rhynchophylla_02 Sanjiang, Guangxi, China KM057009 KM057020 KM057032 KM057044  
U. rhynchophylla_03 Chinaa AJ346900    AJ346900  
PS1040MT01 U. rhynchophylla_04 Chinaa JF421552     
URH-1 U. rhynchophylla_05 Chinaa KF881222   KF881177 KF881265  
URH-2 U. rhynchophylla_06 Chinaa KF881223   KF881178   
PS1002MT01 U. macrophylla_01 Nanning, Guangxi, China KM057010 KM057021 KM057033 KM057045 KM057055
PS1002MT02 U. macrophylla_02 Nanning, Guangxi, China KM057011 KM057022 KM057034 KM057046 KM057056
PS1002MT03 U. macrophylla_03 Ningming, Guangxi, China KM057012 KM057023 KM057035 KM057047 KM057057
PS1038MT03 U. macrophylla_04 Chinaa GQ434637 GQ436558 GQ435234   
PS1038MT04 U. macrophylla_05 Chinaa GQ434638 GQ436559 GQ435235   
PS1038MT01 U. macrophylla_06 Chinaa GQ434636     
UMA-1 U. macrophylla_07 Chinaa KF881209 KF881134 KF881170   
UMA-2 U. macrophylla_08 Chinaa KF881210 KF881135 KF881171   
UMA-3 U. macrophylla_09 Chinaa KF881211 KF881136 KF881172 KF881257  
UMA-4 U. macrophylla_10 Chinaa KF881212 KF881137 KF881173 KF881258  
UMA-5 U. macrophylla_11 Chinaa KF881213    KF881259  
UMA-6 U. macrophylla_12 Chinaa KF881214 KF881138 KF881174   
UMA-7 U. macrophylla_13 Chinaa KF881215     
UMA-8 U. macrophylla_14 Chinaa KF881216 KF881139 KF881175 KF881260  
UMA-9 U. macrophylla_15 Chinaa     KF881261  
PS1003MT01 U. sessilifructus_01 Nanning, Guangxi, China KM057013 KM057024 KM057036 KM057048 KM057058
PS1003MT02 U. sessilifructus_02 Shangsi, Guangxi, China    KM057037   
U. sessilifructus_03 Chinaa GU937111    GU937111  
PS1041MT02 U. sessilifructus_04 Chinaa GQ434640     
USE-1 U. sessilifructus_05 Chinaa KF881195 KF881122    
USE-2 U. sessilifructus_06 Chinaa KF881196 KF881123 KF881160   
USE-3 U. sessilifructus_07 Chinaa KF881197 KF881124 KF881161   
USE-4 U. sessilifructus_08 Chinaa KF881198 KF881125 KF881162   
USE-5 U. sessilifructus_09 Chinaa KF881199 KF881126    
USE-6 U. sessilifructus_10 Chinaa KF881200 KF881127    
USE-7 U. sessilifructus_11 Chinaa KF881201 KF881128   KF881249  
PS1004MT01 U. hirsuta_01 Nanning, Guangxi, China KM057014 KM057026 KM057038 KM057049 KM057059
PS1004MT02 U. hirsuta_02 Nanning, Guangxi, China KM057015 KM057027 KM057039 KM057050 KM057060
PS1004MT03 U. hirsuta_03 Rongshui, Guangxi, China KM057016 KM057028 KM057040 KM057051  
U. hirsuta_04 Chinaa GU937110    GU937110  
UHI-1 U. hirsuta_05 Chinaa KF881235     
PS1005MT01 U. lancifolia_01 Jingxi, Guangxi, China KM057017 KM057029 KM057041 KM057052 KM057061
Razafimandimbison et al. 713 (S) U. lancifolia_02 Unknowna KC737634 KC737740   KC737634  
ULA-1 U. lancifolia_03 Chinaa KF881218 KF881140 KF881176 KF881262  
ULA-2 U. lancifolia_04 Chinaa KF881219    KF881263  
ULA-3 U. lancifolia_05 Chinaa KF881220    KF881264  
ULA-4 U. lancifolia_06 Chinaa KF881221     
PS1006MT01 U. homomalla_01 Shanglin, Guangxi, China KM057018 KM057030 KM057042 KM057053 KM057062
Munzinger 177 U. homomalla_02 Unkowna KC737633 KC737739   KC737633  
UHO-1 U. homomalla_03 Chinaa KF881202 KF881129 KF881163 KF881250  
UHO-2 U. homomalla_04 Chinaa KF881203 KF881130 KF881164 KF881251  
UHO-3 U. homomalla_05 Chinaa KF881204 KF881131 KF881165 KF881252  
UHO-4 U. homomalla_06 Chinaa KF881205 KF881132 KF881166 KF881253  
UHO-5 U. homomalla_07 Chinaa KF881206   KF881167 KF881254  
UHO-6 U. homomalla_08 Chinaa KF881207   KF881168 KF881255  
UHO-7 U. homomalla_09 Chinaa KF881208 KF881133 KF881169 KF881256  
PS1039MT01 U. sinensis_01 Chinaa FJ980386 GQ436560 GQ435236 FJ980386  
USI-1 U. sinensis_02 Chinaa   KF881146    
USI-2 U. sinensis_03 Chinaa   KF881147 KF881183 KF881271  
USI-3 U. sinensis_04 Chinaa     KF881272  
USI-4 U. sinensis_05 Chinaa KF881234 KF881148 KF881184 KF881273  
Razafimandimbison 304 (LBR, MO, P, TAN) U. africana_01 Gabona AJ414545 AJ347006   AJ414545  
Taylor, Chanderbali, and Bourne 12075 (MO) U. guianensis_01 Guyanaa AJ414546 AJ347007   AJ414546  
Andersson et al. 2031 (GB) U. tomentosa_01 Unknowna GQ852159    GQ852159  
Andersson et al. 2038 (GB) U. tomentosa_02 Unknowna   GQ852363    
BioBot06438 U. tomentosa_03 Area de Conservacion Guanacaste, Rincon Rainforest, Sendero Venado, Costa Ricaa   JQ593902    
BioBot06439 U. tomentosa_04 Area de Conservacion Guanacaste, Rincon Rainforest, Sendero Venado, Costa Ricaa   JQ593903    
Razafimandimbison et al. 766 (S) U. lanosa_01 Unkowna KC737635 KC737741   KC737635  
UYU-1 U. yunnanensis_01 Chinaa KF881243 KF881156 KF881191 KF881281  
UYU-2 U. yunnanensis_02 Chinaa KF881244     
UYU-3 U. yunnanensis_03 Chinaa KF881245 KF881157   KF881282  
UYU-4 U. yunnanensis_04 Chinaa KF881246 KF881158 KF881193 KF881283  
UYU-5 U. yunnanensis_05 Chinaa KF881247   KF881194   
UYU-6 U. yunnanensis_06 Chinaa KF881248 KF881159   KF881284  
WP2E0309 U. appendiculata_01 Papua New Guineaa   JF738785    
WP1D0176 U. appendiculata_02 Papua New Guineaa   JF738676    
WP5E1207 U. appendiculata_03 Papua New Guineaa   JF739007    
Razafimandimbison et al. 768 (S) U. scandens_01 Unknowna KC737636 KC737742   KC737636  
USC-1 U. scandens_02 Chinaa KF881236 KF881149 KF881185 KF881274  
USC-2 U. scandens_03 Chinaa KF881237 KF881150 KF881186 KF881275  
USC-3 U. scandens_04 Chinaa KF881238 KF881151 KF881187 KF881276  
USC-4 U. scandens_05 Chinaa KF881239 KF881152 KF881188 KF881277  
USC-5 U. scandens_06 Chinaa KF881240 KF881153   KF881278  
USC-6 U. scandens_07 Chinaa KF881241 KF881154 KF881189 KF881279  
USC-7 U. scandens_08 Chinaa KF881242 KF881155 KF881190 KF881280  
HITBC:Liana Mengsong 107_7_4 U. laevigata_01 Mengsong, Yunnan, Chinaa   KF181471    HG004898
ULAE-1 U. laevigata_02 Chinaa KF881224 KF881142 KF881179 KF881266  
ULAE-2 U. laevigata_03 Chinaa KF881225    KF881267  
ULAE-3 U. laevigata_04 Chinaa KF881226 KF881143   KF881268  
ULAE-4 U. laevigata_05 Chinaa KF881227 KF881144 KF881180 KF881269  
ULAE-5 U. laevigata_06 Chinaa KF881228   KF881181   
ULAE-6 U. laevigata_07 Chinaa KF881229    KF881270  
ULAE-7 U. laevigata_08 Chinaa KF881230   KF881182   
Total no. of sequences   257 77 63 49 58 10
  1. aFrom GenBank