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Fig. 2

From: Discriminating from species of Curcumae Radix (Yujin) by a UHPLC/Q-TOFMS-based metabolomics approach

Fig. 2

PCA/Scores plot (A) and loading plot (B) based on the global chemical profiling of Curcuma Radix derived from four species. The components contributing most to the differences were marked as a red circle, including (a) t R 4.11 min, m/z 369.1331; (b) t R 4.24 min, m/z 235.1696; (c) t R 4.31 min, m/z 235.1697; (d) t R 4.35 min, m/z 247.1333; (e) t R 4.48 min, m/z 237.1851; (f) t R 4.58 min, m/z 237.1853; and (g) t R 4.80 min, m/z 231.1383

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