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Table 4 The characteristics and advantages of organic farming of medicinal plants

From: Conservation and sustainable use of medicinal plants: problems, progress, and prospects

Subjects Characteristics and advantages of organic farming
Medicinal plants To produce material in optimal quality and sufficient quantity
To increase growth rate and biomass yield of medicinal plants
To enhance the biosynthesis of efficacious substances
To maintain the genetic diversity of medicinal plants
To protect medicinal plants against pests and disease
Environmental effects To prohibit the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers
To promote sustainable use and proper care of production systems
To enhance plant diversity and biotype conservation
To protect wildlife habitats (e.g. micro-organisms, soil fora and fauna)
To enhance soil rich in macro and microelements
To conserve soil properties, fertility, productivity and system stability
To use organic fertilizers and renewable resources to minimize all forms of pollution
Economic prospects To increase market opportunity
To maintain high market price
To achieve optimal quality and economic returns
To secure economic growth and social stability
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