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Fig. 5

From: Authentication of Acori Tatarinowii Rhizoma (Shi Chang Pu) and its adulterants by morphological distinction, chemical composition and ITS sequencing

Fig. 5

ITS sequence of ATR and its adulterants. a Amplicons of ATR and its adulterants with ITS primers. b Blank (nuclease-free distilled water); Lane 1–4: ATR; Lane 5–8: AGR; Lane 9–12: ACR; Lane 12–16: AAR. All samples produced a band at ~850 bp, n = 4. b The ITS sequences were identified and matched fully from sequences of GenBank, i.e., A. tatarinowii (DQ008851), A. gramineus (DQ008849), A. calamus (DQ008853) and A. altaica (this study). DNA sequences of ITS fragment from 16 samples were submitted to phylogenetic study by Maximum Parsimony method. Two major clades were remarked. The distance corresponding to sequence divergence is indicated by the bar

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