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Fig. 4

From: Comparison of chemical profiles and effectiveness between Erxian decoction and mixtures of decoctions of its individual herbs: a novel approach for identification of the standard chemicals

Fig. 4

The relative expression of Cyp19 gene at transcriptional level in ovaries of SD-rats treated with different EXD decoctions. Data were normalized by control group and expressed as mean ± SEM. Control: control group (fed with water); EXD-S: SD-rats treated with separate decoction of EXD at 0.76 g/kg (low) and 1.52 g/kg (high); EXD-C: SD-rats treated with combined decoction of EXD at 0.76 g/kg (low) and 1.52 g/kg (high). ***p < 0.001 compared with Control;###p < 0.001 compared with EXD-C (low);+++p < 0.001 compared with EXD-C (high) (Tukey’s Multiple Comparison Test following One-way ANOVA) (n = 3)

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