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TableĀ 1 Docking scores of QXHC candidate targets with the corresponding chemical components containing in QXHC

From: A network pharmacology-based strategy deciphers the underlying molecular mechanisms of Qixuehe Capsule in the treatment of menstrual disorders

Herbs Chemical_components Major_targets Libdockscores
CH hexadecanoic_acid ABL1 109.602
CH hexadecanoic_acid PRKACA 104.17
CH hexadecanoic_acid TLR4 100.788
CX Linoleic_acid PTGS2 117.673
CX arachic_acid ABL1 119.662
CX arachic_acid PRKACA 119.296
CX arachic_acid TLR4 112.936
DG arginine ASS1 107.341
DG arginine NOS2 106.253
DG phosphatidylserine PRKCA 119.477
DG tryptophane WARS 112.00
HH arachic_acid ABL1 119.662
HH arachic_acid PRKACA 119.296
HH arachic_acid TLR4 112.936
HH linoleic_acid PTGS2 117.673
NX arginine ASS1 107.341
NX arginine NOS2 106.253
NX tryptophane WARS 112
TR linoleic_acid PTGS2 117.673
TR tryptophane WARS 112.00