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Table 1 The origin of the plant species used in the study and their GenBank accession numbers

From: Authenticity analyses of Rhizoma Paridis using barcoding coupled with high resolution melting (Bar-HRM) analysis to control its quality for medicinal plant product

No. Family Botanical name Voucher number Genbank accessions number
1 Liliaceae Paris polyphylla var. yunnanensis (Franch.) Hand. -Mazz. YN0001MT01, YN0001MT02, YN0001MT03, YN0001MT04, YN0001MT05, YN0001MT06 KX458130, KX458131, KX458132, KX458133, KX458134, KX458135
2   Paris polyphylla var. chinensis (Franch.) H. Hara YN0011MT01, YN0011MT02, YN0011MT03 KX458140, KX458141, KX458142
3   Paris thibetica Franch. YN0012MT01, YN0012MT02, YN0012MT03 KX458136, KX458137, KX458138, KX458139
4   Paris tengchongensis Y.H. Ji, C.J. Yang & Y.L. Huang YN0007MT01, YN0007MT02, YN0007MT03, YN0007MT04, YN0007MT05, YN0007MT06 KX458121, KX458122, KX458123, KX458124, KX458125, KX458126
5   Paris forrestii (Takht.) H. Li YN0009MT01, YN0009MT02, YN0009MT03 KX458127, KX458128, KX458129
6   Paris mairei H. Lév YN0005MT01, YN0005MT02, YN0005MT03 KX458118, KX458119, KX458120
7   Tupistra spp. (not define) YN0016MT03, YN0016MT04, YN0016MT05 /
8   Trillium tschonoskii Maxim. YN0016MT10, YN0016MT11, YN0016MT12 KX458143, KX458144, KX458145
9 Polygonaceae Polygonum paleaceum Wall. YN0016MT01, YN0016MT02 KX458146, KX458147