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Table 3 Summary of iodine test, detection of hCG and progesterone hormones and diagnostic PCR results

From: Effective authentication of Placenta Hominis

Sample code Iodine testa HCG detectionb Progesterone conc.c (ng/ml) Diagnostic PCRd
Human Cow Deer Sheep
PH01 N Y 544.19 ± 120.76 Y N N N
PH02 N Y 435.17 ± 86.80 Y N N N
PH03 N Y 265.34 ± 49.59 Y N N N
PH04 N Y 461.48 ± 78.98 Y N N N
PH05 N Y 316.37 ± 52.92 Y N N N
PH06 Y Y 843.43 ± 93.75 Y N N N
PH07 Y N Not detected N N N N
PH08 Y N Not detected N N N N
PH09 Y N Not detected N N N N
PH10 Y N Not detected N N N N
  1. aIn iodine test, Y and N indicate positive result with observable color change from brown to blue, and negative result without color change (i.e. brown), respectively
  2. bIn hCG detection, Y represents the presence of two pink bands at the Test (T) and Control (C) sections of pregnancy test strip, while N represents the presence of a single pink band at the C section only
  3. cAssay buffer was set as blank and the data represent mean ± standard deviation (n = 3)
  4. dIn diagnostic PCR, Y and N represent the presence and absence of amplified products, respectively