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Table 6 Estimated dietary exposures (DE) and BTHQ values of Cu, Pb, As, Cd and Hg in C. sinensis

From: Bioaccessibility and risk assessment of heavy metals, and analysis of arsenic speciation in Cordyceps sinensis

  Cu Pb As Cd Hg Total
DE 2.21 0.21 1.41 0.02 0.01 3.86
BTHQ 0.0041 0.0040 0.5334 0.0020 0.0005 0.5440
PTDI 500 3.57 50 1 0.5  
  1. DE is the dietary exposure (µg kg−1 body weight day−1)
  2. PTDI is the provisional tolerable daily intake suggested by JECFA [28] given in µg kg−1 body weight day−1. The value of Hg refers to the limit of methyl mercury suggested by CAC