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Table 4 Plants used in combination with oils

From: Indigenous medicinal plants of Pakistan used to treat skin diseases: a review

Botanical name Common name Family Part used Ethno preparation Folk claim References
Acacia Arabica (Lam.) Willd. Kekar Fabaceae F, L, S, Bk mixed with oil And applied Wound healing, eczema and other skin diseases [40]
Aconitum heterophyllum Wall. ex Royle Zhadwar Ranunculaceae R, Fl The dried pulverized roots are mixed with butter oil Abscess, boils and other skin diseases [130]
adhatoda zeylanica Medik Bhaikar, Barg-e-baansa and Arrusa Acanthaceae WP Ash of leaves is mixed with mustard oil and externally Pustules and pimples [69]
Allium cepa L. Ghashoo, Tukhm peyaz, onion Liliaceae S, L, bk, bu One or two scales are warmed in mustard oil and crushed. This paste is applied twice a day for 2–3 days Wound healing, Eruption, boils, Chicken pox, Pimples, Skin infections, gonorrhea and other skin diseases [67]
Cleome viscosa Linn. Kinni Buti Capparidaceae L, Sd Leaves are coated with sesame oil and warmed over fire, which are applied over pain and inflammation of the boils Boils, ringworm [126]
Calotropis procera (Willd.) R. Br. Dasi ak, Milk weed, Akk, Spalmaka, wallow-wort, Sodom apple, Dead Sea apple Asclepiadaceae S, Bk, L, Sd, R, Ft, WP Latex is mixed with castor oil and applied on skin. Flowers are put in oil applied to wounds to cure them. Roots are powdered, mixed with “desi ghee” and pasted on points of leprosy Leprosy, wound healing, abscess, ringworm, eczema, pustules and pimples, eruptions, syphilis, boils, ulcer, burn, dermatitis, scabies, skin infection [8]
Lawsonia alba Lam. Mehhndi Lythraceae L, Ft Leaves are mixed with the mustard oil and made into paste Leukoderma, athlete foot [62]
Polygonum tataricum L. Bro Kho-Bro Polygonaceae L, Sd The flour is mixed with apricot oil in boiling water; paste is formed and applied to skin overnight. Skin disorders [131]
Potentilla nepalensis Hook. Panzpatar, Rattenjot Rosaceae L, R The leaves are boiled in milk and applied/powder (ashes) is being applied with oil Boil healing, burns and bruises [22]
Sporobolus ioclados (Trin.) Ganri Poaceae Sd, L Mixed with oil and applied Scabies [129]
  1. Bk, bark; Bu, bulb; F, fruit; Fl, flowers; Ft, fruit; In, inflorescence; L, leaf; Pd, pod; R, roots; S, stem; WP, whole plant