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Table 5 Plants used in combination with nutrients

From: Indigenous medicinal plants of Pakistan used to treat skin diseases: a review

Botanical name Common name Family Part used Ethno-preperation Folk claim References
Ajuga bracteosa Wall. ex Benth Khawaja booti,, Kauri Booti Lamiaceae L, R, WP Macerate with yogurt is applied Skin infections, Wound healing, pimples, measles, Boils [63]
Zizipnus manurithiana Lam. Gundar Rhamnaceae L Leaves are poused into a paste mixed with gurh and then applied as a poultice Abscess [132]
Bergenia ciliate A. Br. ex Engl. Chata pana (Zakhm-e-hayat) Saxifragaceae R, Fl, L, Bk, Sd, Rh The powder of roots is mixed with Desi ghee Wound healing, Sun burn, washing ulcers, infection, pimples and other skin diseases [65]
Boerhaavia diffusa L. Ensut Nyctaginaceae R Roots are crushed, boiled in milk and poultice is made Ulcer [133]
Citrus medica Linn. Khatti, Naranj Rutaceae L, Sd, Lt Fruit extract is mixed with honey and fresh milk to make its paste Itching, inflammation, Pimples [6]
Convolvolus arvensis Linn Heran Kari, Heran-paddi Convolvulaceae P, Sh, L, F, R, S, Fl Plant is ground along with black pepper and eaten Wound healing, boils, scabies, ringworm [134]
Cynoglossum denticulatum DC Pitrus Boraginaceae R Root is powdered and mixed with milk Pustules and pimples [69]
Ficus variegata Wall. Ex Roxb Phagwara Moraceae WP Paste prepared from fresh milky juice of plant mixed milk Boils, infected skin [67]
Grewia tenax (Forssk.) Fiori White spurry, Kaankeh, Wingo Tiliaceae L The ash of the leaves is mixed with butter to make poultice Abscess and wound healing, boils [135]
Jurinea macrocephala Benth. ex Hook.f. Gogol Doop Asteraceae R Decoction of roots is mixed with butter Burn [130]
Mallotus philippensis (Lam.) Müll. Arg. Kambeela Euphorbiaceae F Red powder of fruit is mixed with butter Ezcema [136]
Otostegia limbata (Benth.) Boiss Kori booi, Spin Azghay, Chiti, Chittakanda, Ghawareja Lamiaceae L Dried leaves are ground and mixed in butter to form a paste. Leaves are dried, ground and powder is mixed with honey. A table spoon is taken once a day Wound healing and bruises [22]
Pinus roxburghii Sarg Chir, Nakhtar Pinaceae AP, Sh, G, Bk, Rs Young shoot is fried on pan and milk is added Wounds, sores, burns, boils and ulcers, measles [69]
Pinus wallichiana A. B. Jacks Cheenh, Biar, Kail Pinaceae Rs, W Resin admixture with honey Wound healing, antiseptic, Gonorrhea, abscess, for burning sensation, ulcer [127]
Rumex nepalensis Spreng Rawas, Hoola Polygonaceae L, S, R Dried leaf powder is mixed with butter (ghee) Wound healing and anti-allergy, boil [127]
Stellaria media (Linn.) Khashkhash boti, Losdhi, Salooni booti Caryophyllaceae WP, Sd, L Seed powder with milk is given to children to cure skin infection and allergy Wound healing, infections, allergy, itching-skin condition, eczema, ulcers, boils, abscesses, rashes, burns and irritations [128]
Viola serpens Wall Banafsha Violaceae WP, Fl The whole plant is taken and boiled in milk till it become gelatinous. Bandage is made from it and used as poultice Wound healing, eczema [129]
  1. Ac, milky acrid; AP, aerial parts; Bk, bark; Bu, bulb; F, fruit; Fl, flowers; Ft, fruit; G, gum; In, inflorescence; L, leaf; Lt, latex; P, Petals; Pd, pod; R, roots; Rh, rhizomes; Rs, resin; S, stem; Sh, shoots; W, wood; WP, whole plant