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Table 1 The chemical information of major components of AL

From: Pharmacological effects of medicinal components of Atractylodes lancea (Thunb.) DC.

Chemical name Formula Type of compound Molecular weight (g/mol)
Atractylenolide I C15H18O2 Sesquiterpene 230.30
AtractylenolideII C15H20O2 Sesquiterpene 232.32
Atractylenolide III C15H20O3 Sesquiterpene 248.32
Atractylone C15H20O Sesquiterpenoid 216.32
Hinesol C15H26O Sesquiterpenoid 216.3
β-Eudesmol C15H26O Sesquiterpenoid 222.37
Atractylodin C13H10O Polyethylene alkyne 182.22
Stigmasterol C29H48O Phytosterol 412.69
β-Sitosterol C29H50O Phytosterol 414.71