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Table 4 The applications of metabolomics in other toxicity evaluation of TCM

From: Application of metabolomics in toxicity evaluation of traditional Chinese medicines

TCM Toxicity Animals Samples Metabolomic technology Data analysis Metabolic pathways References
Triptolide Reproduction toxicity Mice Serum, testis GC–MS PLS-DA Lipid metabolism, energy metabolism [85]
Cinnabar Neurotoxicity Rats Brain 1H NMR PCA Glutamate metabolism, membrane disruption, energy metabolism, oxidative injury [87]
Kunsui Radix Inflammation, irritation to the skin, tumor-promotion Rats Urine 1H NMR PCA Tricarboxylic acid cycle, anaerobic glycolysis, amino acids metabolism [89]
Coptidis Rhizome Diarrhea Rats Serum, urine 1H NMR, GC–MS PCA, OPLS-DA Gut microflora metabolism, energy metabolism, amino acids metabolism [90]
Niuhuang Jiedu Tablet Hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity Rats Urine 1H NMR PCA, PLS-DA Energy metabolism, choline metabolism, amino acid metabolism, gut flora disorder [92]
Zhusha Anshen Wan Hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity Rats Serum, urine 1H NMR PLS-DA Energy metabolism, lipid metabolism, choline metabolism [93]
Shuanghuanglian injection Hemolytic anemia Dogs Serum 1H NMR PCA Cell membranes metabolism, lipid metabolism, energy metabolism, amino acid metabolism, gut microflora metabolism [95]