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Table 3 Top five diseases and disorders involving differentially expressed genes that responded to both C. pilosula and A. membranaceus identified using Ingenuity Pathway Analysis

From: Identifying the functions and biomarkers of Codonopsis pilosula and Astragalus membranaceus aqueous extracts in hepatic cells

Name P value Molecules
Organismal injury and abnormalities 2.42E−02 to 6.93E−07 53
Reproductive system disease 2.42E−02 to 6.93E−07 35
Cancer 2.42E−02 to 1.25E−06 46
Gastrointestinal disease 2.42E−02 to 1.25E−06 29
Hepatic system disease 2.10E−02 to 1.25E−06 18