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Table 1 Information of the studied samples

From: Specific DNA identification of Pheretima in the Naoxintong capsule

Material Description Batch no. Source Sample identity
Pheretima Genuine P1–P3 Buchang Metaphire vulgaris
P4 Buchang Metaphire guillelmi
P5 Market Metaphire vulgaris
P6–P10 Market Amynthas aspergillus
Adulterant P11 Market Metaphire magna ssp.
P12 Market N/A
P13 Market N/A
P14 Market N/A
P15 Market Metaphire californica
NXT capsules   N1–N9 Buchang Pheretima: Metaphire vulgaris
N10 Homemade Pheretima: P6
N11 Homemade Pheretima: P4
N13 Homemade Pheretima: P11
N14 Homemade Pheretima: P12
N15 Homemade Pheretima: P13
N16 Homemade Pheretima: P14
N17 Homemade Pheretima: P15
Pheretima-deficient NXTC   T4840 Homemade  
  1. * All the crude drugs were identified via their morphological features by Guangdong Institute for Drug Control (Guangdong, China) according to ChP 2015 and confirmed by DNA sequencing using the universal primers of COI. Buchang: Shaanxi Buchang Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (Shaanxi, China)
  2. N/A not available