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Fig. 4

From: Variation in the microbial community contributes to the improvement of the main active compounds of Magnolia officinalis Rehd. et Wils in the process of sweating

Fig. 4

Linear discriminant effect size -identified differentially abundant taxa at different time points during the “sweating” phase of M. officinalis. A Enriched taxa reaching a linear discriminant analysis (LDA) significance threshold of 3.0 or greater in funal communities at different time points during the process of “sweating” of M. officinalis. B Cladograms are shown for the LDA values exceeding 3.0 for clarity. The relative abundance of taxa is more than 0.05% in each sample. Small circles and shading with different colors in the diagram represent the abundance of taxa in the different timepoints samples. Yellow circles present nonsignificant differences in abundance between the samples of a particular taxon. Each circle diameter is proportional to the taxon’s abundance

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