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Table 6 Secondary metabolite of Fusarium in Ginkgo biloba

From: Endophytes from Ginkgo biloba and their secondary metabolites

No.MetabolitesCAS numberMolecular structureEndophytesApplicationReferences
1Adenosine58-61-7 Fusarium solani GBT07 GBT07Terminate paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia; terminating stable and narrow-complex supraventricular tachycardias; adjunct to thallous chloride TI 201 myocardial perfusion scintigraphy and vagal maneuvers and clinical assessment[11]
2Benzeneethanol/Phenylethyl alcohol60-12-8 Fusarium sp. G1024Anti-infective agents, local; disinfectants; preservatives, pharmaceutical[11]
3Enniatin B917-13-5 Fusarium sp. [58]
4Ginkgolide B15291-77-7 Fusarium oxysporum [59, 60]
5Hexadecane544-76-3 Fusarium sp. G1024 [11]
6Kaempferide491-54-3 Fusarium solaniAn antihypertensive agent[61]
7Kaempferol520-18-3 Fusarium oxysporumA possible cancer treatment; antibacterial agent[61]
8Quercetin117-39-5 Fusarium oxysporum [57]
9Rutin153-18-4 Fusarium oxysporumA role as an antioxidant; antiallergic; anti-inflammatory; antiproliferative; and anticarcinogenic properties[61]
10Soyasapogenol B595-15-3 Fusarium oxysporum Schlecht GB-1(3) [61]
11Tetradecane629-59-4 Fusarium sp. G1024 [11]
12β-Sitosterol83-46-5 Fusarium oxysporum Schlecht GB-1(3)As anticholesteremic drug; antioxidant; treats hyperlipidemia.[61]
13Isorhamnetin480-19-3 Fusarium spWarning; (tyrosinase inhibitor; an anticoagulant)[62]
14Decane124-18-5 Fusarium sp. G1024 [11]
152-Ethyl-1-hexanol104-76-7 Fusarium sp. G1024 [11]
162-Butanol,3,3′-oxybis-4-ethylphenol123-07-9 Fusarium sp. G1024Flavoring Agents[11]
17Dodecane112-40-3 Fusarium sp. G1024Increase the risk of neoplasms in humans or animals[11]
181,2-benzisothiazole272-16-2 Fusarium sp. G1024 [11]
194-Ethyl-2-methoxyphenol2785-89-9 Fusarium sp. G1024Flavoring agents[11]
20p-Nitroacetophenone100-19-6 Fusarium sp. G1024Potentiate the effectiveness of radiation therapy in destroying unwanted cells[11]
212,3,5,6-Tetramethyl-p-benzoquinone527-17-3 Fusarium sp. G1024product quinones duroquinone[11]
22Eicosane112-95-8 Fusarium sp. G1024Flavoring Agents.[11]
231,2-Benzenedicarboxylic acid bis(2-methylpropyl)ester88-99-3 Fusarium sp. G1024 [11]
24Dibutyl phthalate84-74-2 Fusarium sp. G1024Against the larval trombiculid mite; preventing scrub typhus of topical application in troops[11]