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Table 1 Quantitative analysis on the chemical markers in the DAEP herbal paste and their transdermal property

From: Topical application of Chinese herbal medicine DAEP relieves the osteoarthritic knee pain in rats

Chemical markerHerbConc. in paste (%)Conc. in porcine skin (μg)Conc. in receiving chamber (μg)Molecular weight (g/mol)Topological polar surface area (A2)
Ginsenoside RoABR0.156.640.00957.12312.0
Chikusetsusaponin IV AABR0.0112.390.00927.09292.0
Asperosaponin VIDR1.77393.485.09929.11295.0
Pinoresinol diglucosideEC0.2380.388.42682.67236.0