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Table 3 Relevant of Symptoms and TCM clinical features

From: Treatment efficacy analysis of traditional Chinese medicine for novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19): an empirical study from Wuhan, Hubei Province, China

 FeverCoughShortness of breathAbnormal digestionAnorexiaRed tongue with white coatingDeep pulse
Fever1− 0.299a− 0.411b0.346a0.0570.316a0.450b
Cough− 0.299a1− 0.203− 0.311a− 0.083− 0.056− 0.024
Shortness of breath− 0.411b− 0.20310.0320.02− 0.15− 0.406b
Abnormal digestion0.346a− 0.311a0.03210.039− 0.0160.234
Anorexia0.057− 0.0830.020.0391− 0.17− 0.175
Red tongue with white coating0.316a− 0.056− 0.15− 0.016− 0.1710.639b
Deep pulse0.450b− 0.024− 0.406b0.234− 0.1750.639b1
  1. aCorrelation significant, at 0.05 level; bat 0.01 level