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Table 1 The composition of the three different types of Jinchuang ointment used in this study

From: The curative effects of the traditional Chinese herbal medicine “Jinchuang ointment” on excisional wounds

Control article (CA)Neomycin sulfate (0.5%)Polyethylene glycol 400, polyethylene glycol 3350
Test article 1 (TA 1)Dragon’s blood (2.1%), catechu (2.1%), frankincense (2.1%), myrrh (2.1%), camphor (6.3%), borneol (0.1%), and corn starch (8.4%)Lard (67.3%), paraffin wax (9.5%)
Test article 2 (TA 2)Sesame oil (67.3%), paraffin wax (9.5%)
Test article 3 (TA 3)Sesame oil (67.3%), beeswax (9.5%)