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Table 3 Major chemical constituents and possible targets of TCM in COVID-19

From: The potential insights of Traditional Chinese Medicine on treatment of COVID-19

 Major chemical constituentsPossible targetsReferences
HXZQQuercetin, isorhamnetin, irisolidone, kaempferol, wogonin, baicaleinPTGS2, HSP90AB1, CAMSAP2[5, 6]
LHQWKaempferol, quercetin, glycyrrhetinic acid, stigmasterol, indigoSARS-CoV-2 3CL (Mpro), ACE2, MAPK, PI3K-AKT, NF-κB[8]
SFJDQuercetin, kaempferol, luteolinIL-6, ALB, MAPK3[18]
XBJHydroxysafflor yellow A, chlorogenic acid, salvianolic acid BNF-κB, HIF-1, VEGF[21]