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Table 5 Numbers of predicted targets of compounds without any previous target information

From: Development of simultaneous interaction prediction approach (SiPA) for the expansion of interaction network of traditional Chinese medicine

Phytometabolites Compounds Number of predicted targets Phytometabolites Compounds Number of predicted targets
Flavonoids Alexandrin 43 Glycosides d-Glucose  
Miltipolone 1 Eleutheroside A  
Salvilenone 2 Ginsenoside-Rh1  
Salviolone 9 Gypenoside VIII  
Tanshinaldehyde 2 Gypenoside III  
Tanshinone IIB 2 Gypenoside XVII  
Tigogenin 43 Phenyl methane Dicapryl Phthalate 14
Volatile oil Cuparene 3 Hydrocarbon Docosane 2
Terpenoids Cyperene 1 Ethyl Octadecadienoate 2
α-Gurjunene 5 Non-3-En-2-One 1
α-Muurolene 4 Nitrogenous Dencichine 1
β-Cubebene 18 Nonsteroidal Stigmasterol 43
γ-Cadinene 3