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Table 1 Characteristic morphologies of seven rhubarb species

From: What we already know about rhubarb: a comprehensive review

Species Height Flowers Leaves shapes Leaves splits
R. tanguticum Maxim. 1.5–2 m Small, purple or light red Subcircular or broadly ovate, 30–60 cm long, narrow and pointed apex About 5 splits, needle-shaped, closely to the base of the leaf
R. officinale Baill. 1.5–2 m Large, yellowish-white Subcircular, 30-50 cm in diameter, pointed apex Shallow, only 1/5 to 1/4,
triangular shape
R. palmatum L. 1.5–2 m Small, purple-red or yellow-white Subcircular, 40–60 cm in diameter, pointed apex About 1/3 to 1/4, triangular shape
R. franzenbachii Münter. 0.5–0.9 m Yellow-white, 3-6 clusters Cardiac ovate, 12–22 cm long, 10–18 cm wide, corrugated margin Few or no
R. australe D. Don. 0.7–2 m Purple-red Oval-elliptic, 20–50 cm long, 18–40 cm wide, margin with weak wrinkles Few or no
R. nobile Hook.f. & Thomson. 1–2 m Yellow-green, 5–9 clusters Lotus-shaped, 20–30 cm in diameter, round apex Few or no
R. wittrockii C.E. Lundstr. 0.5–1 m White-green, small, 2 mm in diameter Ovate, 15–26 cm long, 10–20 cm wide, obtuse and acute apex, margin with weak wrinkles Few or no