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Table 1 Fourteen items for reporting assessment on Moxibustion-related information

From: Reporting quality of systematic reviews with moxibustion

Items Description
1 Whether a specific name of the moxibustion was reported in the “Title”?
2 Whether the CM syndrome(s) was included in the “Title”?
3 Whether the CM relevant theory was included in the “Introduction/Background” section?
4 Whether the CM diagnostic criteria of syndrome(s) were included in the “Eligibility criteria for participants”?
5 Whether CM-related outcomes (e.g., syndrome scores) were included in the “Eligibility criteria for outcome measures”?
6 Whether the environment information of moxibustion treatment was described?
7 Whether the materials and techniques used for moxibustion were reported?
8 Whether the types of moxibustion were reported?
9 Whether the selection of acupoints and meridians for moxibustion were reported?
10 Whether the number and frequency of the moxibustion sessions were reported?
11 Whether the duration of the moxibustion sessions was reported?
12 Whether any information about the adverse effects or safety assessment of the moxibustion were reported?
13 Whether the moxibustion characteristics were considered in the subgroup analysis, sensitivity analysis or other analysis of clinical heterogeneity in “Additional analyses” section?
14 Whether the heterogeneity of moxibustion interventions, such as types and dosage, has been fully considered when doing the data synthesis, especially about the meta-analysis?