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Table 3 The information of 28 key targets ranking by degree

From: Systemic elucidation on the potential bioactive compounds and hypoglycemic mechanism of Polygonum multiflorum based on network pharmacology

Target symbol Uniprot ID Target symbol Uniprot ID
CA2 P00918 MAOA P21397
CA1 P00915 ABCG2 Q9UNQ0
CA4 P22748 ALOX12 P18054
BACE1 P56817 ALOX15 P16050
CA3 P07451 CD38 P28907
ESR1 P03372 ESRRA P11474
APP P05067 FLT3 P36888
MMP2 P08253 GLO1 Q04760
MAPT P10636 GSK3B P49841
SYK P43405 MMP9 P14780
ABCC1 P33527 NOX4 Q9NPH5
ADORA1 P30542 PARP1 P09874
ADORA2A P29274 PIM1 P11309
AKR1B1 P15121 PTGS2 P35354