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Table 4 Target distribution information of the top 20 enriched KEGG pathways

From: The important herbal pair for the treatment of COVID-19 and its possible mechanisms

Terms Description Genes
hsa05152 Tuberculosis IL6, RELA, STAT1, IL10, MAPK1, CASP3, BAX, MAPK14, BCL2, CASP8, IFNG, MAPK3, IL1B, MAPK8, NOS2, IL1A
hsa05145 Toxoplasmosis RELA, BCL2L1, STAT1, IL10, MAPK1, CASP3, CD40LG, MAPK14, BCL2, CASP8, IFNG, MAPK3, MAPK8, NOS2
hsa04620 Toll-like receptor signaling pathway IL6, RELA, CXCL8, STAT1, CXCL11, CXCL10, MAPK1, FOS, MAPK14, CASP8, MAPK3, IL1B, MAPK8
hsa04668 TNF signaling pathway ICAM1, IL6, CCL2, PTGS2, RELA, CXCL2, CXCL10, MAPK1, FOS, CASP3, MAPK14, CASP8, MAPK3, IL1B, MAPK8
hsa04660 T cell receptor signaling pathway IL4, MAPK1, FOS, CD40LG, MAPK14, RELA, MAPK3, IFNG, IL10, IL2
hsa05132 Salmonella infection IL6, RELA, CXCL2, CXCL8, MAPK1, FOS, MAPK14, IFNG, MAPK3, IL1B, MAPK8, NOS2, IL1A
hsa05133 Pertussis IL6, RELA, CXCL8, IL10, MAPK1, FOS, CASP3, MAPK14, MAPK3, IRF1, IL1B, MAPK8, NOS2, IL1A
hsa05200 Pathways in cancer PRKCA, EGFR, IL6, PTGS2, RELA, PPARG, CXCL8, RB1, BCL2L1, STAT1, PRKCB, MAPK1, FOS, CASP3, BAX, BCL2, CASP8, MAPK3, MAPK8, NOS2
hsa04380 Osteoclast differentiation MAPK1, FOS, MAPK14, RELA, MAPK3, PPARG, IFNG, IL1B, MAPK8, STAT1, IL1A
hsa04621 NOD-like receptor signaling pathway MAPK1, IL6, CCL2, MAPK14, RELA, MAPK3, CASP8, CXCL2, CXCL8, IL1B, MAPK8
hsa04010 MAPK signaling pathway PRKCA, EGFR, FOS, MAPK1, CASP3, MAPK14, RELA, MAPK3, HSPB1, IL1B,
hsa05144 Malaria ICAM1, IL6, CCL2, CD40LG, IFNG, CXCL8, IL1B, IL10
hsa05140 Leishmaniasis IL4, PTGS2, RELA, STAT1, IL10, FOS, MAPK1, MAPK14, IFNG, MAPK3, IL1B, NOS2, IL1A
hsa05164 Influenza A PRKCA, ICAM1, IL6, CCL2, RELA, CXCL8, STAT1, PRKCB, CXCL10, MAPK1, MAPK14, IFNG, MAPK3, IL1B, MAPK8, IL1A
hsa05321 Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) IL4, IL6, RELA, IFNG, IL1B, STAT1, IL10, IL1A, IL2
hsa04066 HIF-1 signaling pathway PRKCA, EGFR, MAPK1, IL6, RELA, HMOX1, BCL2, MAPK3, SERPINE1, IFNG, NOS3, NOS2, PRKCB
hsa05161 Hepatitis B PRKCA, FOS, MAPK1, CASP3, IL6, BCL2, RELA, BAX, CASP8, MAPK3, CXCL8, MAPK8, RB1, STAT1, PRKCB
hsa04060 Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction IL4, IL6, CCL2, CXCL2, CXCL8, CXCL11, IL10, CXCL10, CD40LG, IFNG, IL1B, IL1A, IL2
hsa05142 Chagas disease
(American trypanosomiasis)
hsa05146 Amoebiasis PRKCA, CASP3, IL6, RELA, IFNG, CXCL8, HSPB1, IL1B, NOS2, IL10, PRKCB