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Table 1 Partnerships formed by NMPA for the development of RS

From: Applying regulatory science in traditional chinese medicines for improving public safety and facilitating innovation in China: a scoping review and regulatory implications

  Time Collaborators Collaborating research base Key research areas
1 2013/09 Tianjin Binhai Food and Drug Administration and Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research Tianjin Binhai Center for Food and Drug Regulatory Science Research Drug and food technology and policy
2 2015/08 Peking University Peking University Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Regulatory Sciences Center of Excellence Education and training, RS research and innovation, international collaboration, RS Information Technology and Policy
3 2016/12 Fudan University and University of Copenhagen Sino-Danish Regulatory Science Center Education and training, trainee exchange and professionals training RS program
4 2018/04 Tsinghua university Institute of Regulatory Science and Chinese Medicine Research Institute TCMs modernization and RS research
5 2019/04 Sichuan University Medical Device Regulatory Science Research Base RS in medical device
6 2019/06 Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Chinese Medicine Regulatory Science Research Institute RS in TCM
7 2019/06 China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences Chinese medicine Regulatory Science Research Center RS in TCM
8 2019/10 Shenyang Pharmaceutical university Drug Regulatory Science Research Base Course development, Education and training, Research in RS
9 2019/12 Shandong university Drug Regulatory Science Research Base RS in pharmaceutical products
10 2019/12 South China University of Technology Medical Device Regulatory Science Research Base RS in medical device
11 2020/04 Shanxi Medical products Administration and Xi’an Jiaotong University Northwest Institute of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science RS research, Training and Education