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Table 4 Differential compounds of K. interior distinguished from other three species

From: Comparison of blood tonic efficacy and chemical constituents of Kadsura interior A.C. Smith and its closely related species

No Compound name vs K. heteroclita vs K. longipedunculata vs K. japonica
1 Heteroclitin G*
2 Angeloylgomisin M1   
3 Heteroclitin E*
4 Benzoyl Oxokadsuranol   
5 Acetoxyl Oxokadsurane   
6 Interiotherin B   
7 Angeloylgomisin R*
8 Interiorin D*
9 Kadlongilignan E   
10 Heteroclitin D*
11 Kadsurin*
12 Schiarisanrin D   
13 Schizandrin   
Total number 10 6 9
  1. Compounds marked with * could consistently distinguish K. interior from other three species
  2. Compounds marked with √ showed they could distinguish K. interior from the species in corresponding column