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Table 1 Applications of TCMPs in DDS

From: A review on the applications of Traditional Chinese medicine polysaccharides in drug delivery systems

Polysaccharide DDS composition Form Function Application Ref.
BSP DTX-SA-BSP Copolymer micelle Sustained release, pH sensitive, promoting absorption, enhancing stability Anticancer [31]
BSP SM-hm-BSP Copolymer micelle Sustained release Hepatic-targeted drug delivery [32]
APS APS-CMC-BSA Hydrogel Sustained release [40]
BSP PNS-BSP/alginate Bioadhesive microsphere Sustained release, synergistic effect Gastric ulcers [11, 17]
GLP RCGDDH NPs Conjugate Redox and pH dual-responsive, synergistic effect Anticancer [16]
LBP LBP-5ASA-Pt Conjugate Passive targeting (EPR) Anti-lung cancer [51]
BSP Dox@FA-BSP-SA/TPGS Copolymer micelle FA-mediated active targeting, synergistic effect Anticancer [47]
BSP DTX-BSP-ss-SA Copolymer micelle Redox and pH dual-responsive Anticancer [59]
ASP DOX/ASP-DOCA Copolymer micelle pH sensitive, ASGPR-mediated active targeting Hepatic-targeted drug delivery [56]
ASP Cur/ACNPs Copolymer micelle ASGPR-mediated active targeting ALD [45]
APS quercetin-APS Conjugate Solubilization [65]
VBCP Baicalin/rhein-VBCP Copolymer micelle Solubilization [63]
GPs Ag-GPs Nanoparticle Enhancing stability Antimicrobial biomaterials [72]
ASP AS-PBA/GA-CDB@Cur Nanoparticle Enhancing stability, pH sensitive Antitumor [83]
RP CP3-DOX Nanoparticle Enhancing stability, promoting absorption, pH sensitive Antitumor [79]
BSP LP-OBSP-CS Hydrogel Enhancing stability Wound healing [81]
OJP THSG-OJP Complexes Enhancing solubility and stability [64]
BSP RB-BMNs effective transdermal drug delivery [94]
APS Se-APS Nanoparticle Promoting absorption Micro nutrient [89]
LP LP-Se Nanoparticle Promoting absorption Anticancer [90]