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Table 5 Regulatory effects of microRNAs in PAH

From: Bioactivities and mechanisms of natural medicines in the management of pulmonary arterial hypertension

MicroRNAs Environment Target Function Refs
MicroRNA-629 Hypoxia-induced PASMCs FOXO3↓, PERP↓ PASMCs proliferation↑, migration↑, cell apoptosis↓ [123]
MicroRNA-150 Hypoxia-induced rats AKT/mTOR↓ Cardiac output↓, pulmonary fibrosis↓, collagen fibre↓, collagen I↓, α-SMA↓, TGF-β1↓ [124]
eIF2α siRNA PDGF-induced PASMCs eIF2α↓, LC3B↓ PASMCs proliferation↓, p62↑, autophagy↓ [125]
MicroRNA-23a Hypoxia-induced PASMCs BMPR2↓, Smad1↓ PASMCs proliferation↑, migration↑, PCNA↑, P-smad1↓ [126]
MicroRNA-760 Hypoxia-induced PASMCs TLR4↓ Caspase-3↑, Bax/Bcl-2↑, migration↓ [127]
MicroRNA-17 Hypoxia-induced PASMCs Mitofusin 2↓ PCNA↑, cleaved caspase-3↓ [128]
MicroRNA-21 Hypoxia-induced PASMCs PPARα↓, PDCD4↓ PCNA↑, SPRY2↓, migration↑ [129]
MicroRNA‐20a Hypoxia-induced PASMCs PRKG1↓ Proliferation↑, migration↑, PKG↓, α-SMA↑ [130]
MicroRNA-210 Hypoxia-induced PASMCs E2F3↓ Apoptosis↓ [131]
MicroRNA-4632 PDGF-induced PASMCs c-Jun↓ Apoptosis↑, proliferation↓ [132]
MicroRNA-125a-5p MCT-induced PAH rats TGF-β1↓, STAT3↓ IL-6↓, Smad2/3↓, PCNA↓, Bcl-2↓ [133]
MicroRNA-124 Sugen-hypoxia-induced rats PTBP1↓, PKM2↓ BMPR2↑, restoring glycolytic [134]
MicroRNA-143-3p Hypoxia-induced mice TGF-β↓ Migration↓, RVSP↓, RVH↓ [135]
MicroRNA-27a Hypoxia-induced rats Smad5↑ Vimentin↓, CD31↑, α-SMA↓, p-Smad5↑, [136]