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Table 1 In 2018, the top 10 countries of tea cultivation, output, import and export as well as tea country/per capita consumption, including coffee consumption, in the world

From: Tea and tea drinking: China’s outstanding contributions to the mankind

Country/tea cultivation area (hm2) Country/tea output (ton) Country/tea import (ton) Country/tea export (ton) Country/tea consumption (ton) Country or region/per capita consumption
      Tea (kg) Coffee (kg)
China/3030,000 China/2,616,000 Pakistan/191,773 Kenya/474,862 China/1,911,000 Turkey/3.04 Finland/12.0
India/601,000 India/1,311,630 Russia/153,000 China/364,700 India/1,084,000 Libya/2.80 Norway/9.9
Kenya/234,000 Kenya/492,999 America/139,030 Sri Lanka/217,777 Turkey/246,000 Morocco/2.04 Iceland/9.0
Sri Lanka/303,000 Sri Lanka/303,843 Britain/107,862 India/245,100 Pakistan/192,000 Ireland/1.79 Denmark/8.7
Vietnam/134,000 Turkey/252,000 CIS/90,000 Vietnam/136,000 Russia/162,000 Britain/1.62 Netherlands/8.4
Indonesia/115,000 Vietnam/168,000 Egypt/82,000 Argentina/78,000 America/120,000 Hong Kong/1.52 Sweden/8.2
Burma/80,000 Indonesia/131,000 Morocco/73,000 Uganda/50,000 Britain/107,000 China/1.48 Switzerland/7.9
Turkey/77,000 Bangladesh/82,134 Iran/63,600 Indonesia/49, 030 Japan/106,000 Afghan/1.37 Belgium/6.8
Bangladesh/59,000 Argentina/80,000 Dubai/63,000 Malawi/34,816 Indonesia/103,000 Sri Lanka/1.35 Canada/6.5
Uganda/45,000 Japan/79,000 Iraq/40,600 Tanzania/26,700 Egypt/94,000 Katar/1.34 Luxembourg/6.5
  1. CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)
  2. Data from,,, and;